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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Off-Grid Electrical for four successful years now. When we acquired the Holiday Park, we knew we needed a more modern, forward-thinking electrician to meet our evolving needs and future-proof our facilities. I had heard about Off-Grid Electrical’s stellar reputation and arranged a park walkthrough.

What sets them apart is their fast, reliable, informative, seamless approach to getting the job done. Recently we have had three major emergencies at our Holiday Park, within minutes of calling Off- Grid Electrical, we have had an electrician at our park to deal with these unforeseen emergencies. They always come up with a solution that will fit our timeline and budget.

Matt Blank – Taupō Top 10 Holiday Park


We have used Off-Grid Electrical for our electrical needs three times in the past 12 months. Initially, we contacted them when we were doing a fit-out for a new tenant in one of our commercial buildings, which required extensive rewiring. Our second request was for another tenant in a different building with a similar fit-out requirement. The most recent occasion, involved a minor addition to a couple of power points from our second project.

Our experience with Off-Grid Electrical has been exceptional for several reasons. Josh’s communication was outstanding – he was personable, efficient, and attentive to our requirements. The electricians, particularly Adrian, were efficient and professional, delivering high-quality work. We trusted them with a charge-up system, which they handled impeccably. They were punctual, pleasant to deal with, and completed the job to our satisfaction.

Wendy Dehaan – Commercial building owner


We were looking for a new electrician, when I met Sean playing rugby. The service, communication and quality of their products make working with Off-Grid a good experience. They always think long-term in terms of what they put in, they’re looking for longevity, as well as offering quality workmanship.

I would 100% recommend them to others. They’re upfront, honest, reliable and you get what you pay for. They stand out for reliability – arriving with all the parts required to get the job done. Coming prepared is important, with livestock, you’ve got to be organised in terms of fixing the problem, especially when it’s to do with water.

I appreciate the honesty and upfront communication from the Off-Grid team. Their solutions might be a bit more expensive, but they are giving you five-to-ten-year solutions, rather than quick fixes. I think their service is outstanding, I haven’t had a bad dealing with Sean or his staff. He’s got well-trained electricians too that back up his philosophy and mottos in his business. I think that’s a credit to him.

Kevin Oppert – Taupo Dairy Farmer


For nearly two years we have used Off-Grid for electrical maintenance work in the two Armoured Engineering workshops. I would recommend Off-Grid, they’ve got a diverse team of people with different skill-sets. No matter what the issue is, I’m sure they’ll be able to sort it.

They’re aware that as soon as something goes wrong, we need it fixed ASAP and when  I call they are here swiftly to sort out any problem. If someone else’s expertise are required, they will get that team member here promptly too.

The guys are friendly, and we have a good working relationship. I can just call them up and know, they’ll turn up.

Grayson Bigwood – Armoured Engineering Operations Manager


I worked with Off-Grid for the first time when they won the tender for Countdown South, Taupo in early 2022, then again on the neighbouring Kokomea Village Centre.

They are very good contractors, who specialise in supermarket and large commercial projects. Not all electricians can do supermarkets and the speed that we operate at to build them.

Once the roof goes on they’re the main contractor, everything hinges on their work to get the shop open. They’re experienced, they understand contract documentation and how to run their sites.

Off-Grid sit up there with the top electrical guys that I have worked with around the country. These guys can turn their hand to all kinds of work. They don’t shy away from it, they’re willing to step in, resolve any issues and get on with it.

Because they’re up there with the top there’s a cost value to their services. They’re not a lowest price contractor they rely a lot on their expertise over their price.

Alan Benjamin – Watts and Hughes Construction – Project Manager


I was one of Sean’s first clients when he took over the business and needed customers to give him a shot. Since then, he’s looked after me and I’ve looked after him. He’s very good at diagnosing problems and I’ve found him and his team good to work with.

In a diary situation, when you’ve got urgent electrical work, Off-Grid generally have someone that knows their stuff available to help. If you have a break down and you can’t milk the cows it costs you thousands of dollars, so you need someone to come when you call.

They’ve got good electricians on the team, that know dairy refrigeration pumps, I’d recommend them for their expertise in dairying.

Paddy Lawry – Kiwitahi Trust Dairy


I came across Off-Grid Electrical during a Google search for a solar system and electrical wiring for a new home build in a remote location. The Off-Grid team had 4×4 vehicles, were comfortable working rurally, and didn’t charge an arm and leg for the travel.

The guys are friendly and responsive. Some of the senior electricians are technically very sound and they’re quick. When you’re paying tradesmen by the hour you really need them to come prepared and to work quickly.”

“The solar information they provided was great.  We told them the size of our build and they came back and explained how much power we needed. I’m a real stickler for project management. When somebody turns up and they know what they’re doing and how to deliver project information succinctly, that’s important for me. That’s a real strength for Off-Grid.

Go with Off-Grid if you’re looking for a team that is responsive, good communicators and reasonably priced, especially if you’re rural.

Blandina Diamond


Off-Grid installed a solar system in our new home in Turangi and we have found Sean and his team excellent to deal with. They are reliable – when I ring, I know that I’m going to get service. It’s not a problem for them to travel from Taupo to us, even if they’re here just here for five minutes to give us an explanation in person.

During the build we could ring up at any time with questions. We’re still learning and we had an issue during bad weather in July 2023, Off-Grid were on our doorstep in no time.

It’s a lifetime relationship with solar and nothing is a problem. They just want to know that their system’s working because it’s their product – not many businesses will do that. They’ve told us that if we’ve got questions, they want to be there to answer them.

I have already recommended them to a family wanting solar on a homestead in Tokaanu, and I will continue to recommend them.

Raukura Dunster


We contacted Off-Grid when we decided solar was the long-term power investment for our rural property. My whanau and I searched online, checked and compared prices and read up on their kaupapa. Considering all our needs, we decided they offered the best quality goods and service.

I’ve been very happy with their prompt after-service, no problem is too big or too small. Even if someone has to travel two hours to me, they make the effort.

The team offer good explanations – no question is a dumb question. They worked outside the square when on site and communicated well with us, they were cheerful and polite.

When I first met Sean he never fobbed me off or tried to reduce the quality, he always gave me options when considering costs.

I’ve already recommended Off-Grid to others and we are considering utilising their services again in the next couple of years.

Bessina Pehi Snr


Thelma Taylor chose Off-Grid for her home solar system in December 2020. After seeking quotes from multiple suppliers, it was Sean’s in-depth knowledge of the system and commitment to after-sales service that sealed the deal.

“Price didn’t really come into it, but they were competitive. The main reason we went with Off-Grid was because they were local. Sean knew the product and he could answer our questions without having to go onto his laptop and Google it. Sean sold us the system, he’s done the calculations of what we were going to save and how long it was going to take to pay for the solar, right through to the after-sales service and invertor updates we’ve had since.

“He hasn’t charged us for any of the visits to do the updates, he stuck to his sales pitch from 2020. With the app I’m now able to go and update the force charge on the battery so I can get maximum benefit from the system. The solar has lived up to every expectation we had.”

I’ve recommended Off-Grid to businesses and residential customers, we were also impressed with the battery system they offered, compared to the franchise companies.

Thelma Taylor


I got in touch with Off-Grid when I wanted a heat pump installed in my home. I’d met Josh when he did some electrical work at my workplace and a colleague recommended Off-Grid after they installed solar at her home.

I got their quote back quickly and they were a lot cheaper than the alternative, they also offered a better solution.

On the day of install their electrician showed up and I pointed at the wall where I wanted to put the heat pump. I came home from work and it was exactly as he said it was going to be.

With other companies the dates move around whereas when Off-Grid did the job it just happened as they said. I was able to go to work and leave them to it, I didn’t have to sit there and babysit them and they didn’t ring up a hundred times. It’s really frustrating when you have to supervise tradies.

The heat pump works great and the bill was exactly what they said it was going to be.

Chris Horan 


While renovating our new home in Taupo we had an old heat pump replaced with a new Daikin one. My husband is an electrician and he had worked with one of the Off-Grid team previously, so he recommended them.

They were excellent communicators and reliable in terms of timeframes and costings. They worked efficiently, and everything went well. Their workers are friendly and very pleasant and easy to deal with.

I would 100 per cent recommend them to others and wouldn’t use anyone else – apart from my husband of course. When an older electrician recommends a younger one, which is what my husband did, I think that’s high praise indeed.

It’s endemic with tradies they’re so unreliable and their communication is usually poor – that’s something we’ve come across forever. However Off-Grid’s communication and reliability were fantastic, and their workmanship was good too.

Robin Wilson


I needed a heat pump air-con unit installed at my home and Off-Grid were easy to get in touch with and talk to. Josh came round to look at the job and within the week the guys were on site installing it. My heat pump was in a tricky location for both the outdoor and indoor unit, but they got on and did it without any complaining. One poor guy had to live under the deck for the day and he had no issues, they’re just easy to deal with friendly guys.

The final finish was great, they literally did it exactly, if not better, than I asked even though they knew it was going to be tricky – there were no questions asked, they just got on and did it. With the size of the unit we needed for the room they only had about 2.5mm either side between a beam and a window frame and the outdoor unit had to go under a deck between the supports of the deck and the descending staircase.

They could have put the outdoor unit elsewhere, but it would have been sitting in the middle of our garden. I said this will be the ideal, under the deck, and they just did it, they said we’ll put it where you want it.

It was all done in the day, it was good. As far as I’m concerned it was a top job and top service.

Dylan Crighton


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